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Andrew Zimmern's Top 5 Moments in San Diego | Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern travels all around the world trying some of the most delicious and exotic foods that are known to man. With the newest season of Bizarre Foods ready to air, Zimmern has just announced his top 5 favorite moments spent during his recent trip to San Diego, and it’s no surprise that local favorite Aqui es Texcoco is high on his list!

Travelers from all around the world are excited to see just what Andrew will be showcasing this season in sunny San Diego. As you might already know, San Diego County is a diverse community and a melting pot full of fabulous eats to fulfill the most discriminating palate – and warm your heart as well. Find out which places Andrew Zimmern rated the best on his trip to San Diego, and get ready to experience new delicacies you may have never considered trying before.

Culture and Food—A Good Recipe

Obviously, if Andrew Zimmern has his own show on the Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods, you would expect that he’s eaten and cooked a myriad of unique types of edibles. As a chef, restaurant critic, teacher, reporter, and food columnist, you know that Zimmern knows food, from the inside out. Aside from the fact that the show is entertaining, so many people sit back and watch Bizarre Foods because they trust that Zimmern will open their eyes to the world around them.

Andrew Zimmern’s Five Favorites

While the San Diego Zoo, the Oasis Dairy, Tita’s Kitchen, and Catalina Offshore all made the list, it was Zimmern’s comments on Aqui es Texcoco that stood out the most.  As his Number Two choice, he tells us that, “owner Paco is doing magical work there.”  “The lamb is amazing, and comes with all the salsas, broth and accompaniments of classic Texcoco barbacoa.” Then Paco took Zimmern and his crew over to his neighbor’s home, where he had prepared an authentic in-ground feast of pit roasted lamb and fresh huitlacoche, much to Zimmern’s delight.

It’s no wonder that the government of Mexico has awarded Aqui es Texcoco one of only 5 certifications in the entire San Diego area for authentic Mexican food. Using the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes, Paco has impressed everyone from local diners to the king of unique food experiences, Andrew Zimmern himself. Keep an eye out for the San Diego episode – and then head on down to Chula Vista, for some of the most mouth-watering Mexican food north-of-the-border!

2 thoughts on “Andrew Zimmern's Top 5 Moments in San Diego | Travel Channel

  • Gaby

    This restaurant reminds me of Authentic Mexican food, from quesadillas de huitlacoche, sopes, mixiotes, tacos and my favorite is the barbacoa flautas and of course the flan for dessert.
    Gracias por traerme in pedacito de mi Mexico a los Estados Unidos

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