“One BIG thumb’s up for Francisco Perez and his crew!!! What a fantastic job they did catering my son-in-law wedding! They brought all of the ingredients for a great dinner, including their wonderful broiled quail, hand-made guacamole, roasted pepper salsa, enchiladas, tacos, and the rest of the usual Mexican side dishes, plus salad, Mexican waters and dessert.

“Our guests loved the food and guess what? When their truck rolled up to the house who gets off first and starts unloading? Francisco Perez himself who, as he told me, ‘always supervises the caterings to make extra sure everything comes out right.’ And come out right it did!!! Thank you, Paco, for all your suggestions, great food and your personal touch.

“Wishing you and your crew the very best!”

Carlos N. B.
Piedmont, CA

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