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Authentic Mexican Cuisine: A Heritage of Tradition

Authentic Mexican Food

Traditional Mexican cuisine is so much more than authentic dishes and spices; it’s a vibrant, lovingly preserved, cultural heritage. Handcrafted recipes passed down for generations… Planting and harvesting native ingredients such as corn and chile peppers in chinampas… Manually grinding grain for tortillas on stone and mortar… Traditional Mexican cuisine embraces an entire heritage of…

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Halal Lamb Dishes at Aqui es Texcoco

Halal Meat at Aqui es Texcoco

              At Aqui es Texcoco we are committed to providing you the best Mexican food, prepared from start to finish. We have expanded our selection by including new lamb dishes such as Mediterranean style. Now, we have taken the extra step to certify our barbecue lamb dishes are Halal.…

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What is Mexican Moronga?

Moronga Served at Aqui es Texocco

At Aqui es Texcoco, we are always trying to bring you the true taste of Mexican Cuisine. What is more authentic than the food our Mothers or even Great-Grandmothers cooked in their kitchens?  In that vein, we now serve Moronga, a Mexican delicacy that you must try at least once.

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Becoming the Best Mexican Food for Catering

Catering your special occasion

If you have ever dined in Texcoco, state of Mexico or  at one of our restaurants, you know what is true Mexican food essence and you ended up wanting to share our food with friends and family. Furthermore, you imagine sharing this experience with your family in a special event or, even with your friends or coworkers.…

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What Are Chapulines?

Chapulines, Avocado, and Beer

Are you ready for the newest and most amazing food adventure? Foodies and Paleo eaters love them. They are roasted and seasoned with chile powder and lime to make a classically-Mexican snack. They are Chapulines, or grasshoppers, and we serve them in the traditional Mexican way. And guess what? Kids love to eat them, too.

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