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Halal Lamb Dishes at Aqui es Texcoco









At Aqui es Texcoco we are committed to providing you the best Mexican food, prepared from start to finish. We have expanded our selection by including new lamb dishes such as Mediterranean style. Now, we have taken the extra step to certify our barbecue lamb dishes are Halal.

What is Halal?

Food that is certified Halal means it was prepared in a traditional way that is fit and proper for consumption: the lamb did not unjustly suffer when slaughtered, was well-fed, and treated humanely during its life. We also make sure there is no cross contamination when preparing our dishes.

We Now Serve Halal Mediterranean Style Lamb

HalalDid you know we now serve lamb pita at Aqui es Texcoco? It’s true! Our lamb pita and barbacoa plate is Halal, and delicious. We have expanded our menu, so try something new: a lamb plate served with pita bread and dill yogurt sauce; or barbacoa lamb pita with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and homemade dill yogurt sauce. You’ll be glad you did.

Next time you’re in Chula Vista, California be sure to visit Aqui es Texcoco, a true culinary embassy.


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